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The Supported Volunteering Project


Supporting adults with a learning disability to volunteer in their local community

How we help

Our ten steps to success:-

1.     We will talk to you and find out what you would like to do and what support you will need.

2.     We will provide you with the training you need to prepare you for your role.

3.     We will give you the information you need and help you choose a placement.

4.     We will support you to visit the placements you are interested in.

     5.     We will help you to fill in any forms you need.

6.     We will help you learn how to travel to your placement.

7.     We will work with you one to one in your volunteer job, until you are confident to work by yourself.

8.     We will support your volunteer placement and teach them the best way to work with you.

     9.     We will keep in touch to make sure everything is going                         well for you.

10.    We will involve you in making decisions about our service.

    How to apply

There are several ways you can apply to volunteer, you can contact us yourself or someone else can refer on your behalf. Whichever way you do it, we are always happy to hear from you!

Download printable referral form

Email for more

information or to

request a referral

form by post


Phone us to make a referral

  01535 609506


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