Welcome to Volunteer Connect.

This is a free service offered by the Volunteer Centre for community groups, charity, non-profit or public sector organisations.

The Volunteer Centre is here to support you with involving volunteers in a way that benefits your

organisation, your beneficiaries and the volunteers you involve.

We are committed to promoting good practice in volunteering and below are the minimum

standards that we ask all organisations to agree to before we will advertise your volunteer roles.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the roles advertised are current and up-to-date with

accurate contact details.

Organisation commitment:

We commit to implementing the following principles of good practice

1. Volunteering is open to everyone

Volunteers from all backgrounds are welcomed

2. Out of pocket expenses are paid*.

* We encourage applications from small groups so if you are a group without paid staff and don’t

have a budget to pay expenses you can still apply.

3. Recruitment of volunteers is fair and prompt

Volunteers are contacted promptly and requirements are appropriate for each role. Responsibility

for recruiting and selecting volunteers remains with your organisation, not with the Volunteer


4. Induction and training.

Training needs for each role are identified and volunteers receive the necessary induction and

training to do their role.

5. Support and supervision

A named person ensures ongoing support appropriate to the role.

6. Insurance, health and safety, safeguarding and other legal requirements are met

The physical and emotional risks of volunteering are identified, minimised and covered by Health

and Safety checks, risk assessments and adequate insurance. This includes as a minimum:

7. Keep your advertised roles up-to-date

Ensure that the information you are advertising is correct. When roles are filled, tick the ‘closed’

button to remove them from the live site that volunteers will see. (Closed roles are still saved and

can be ‘opened’ at any time)

Volunteer Centre Commitment

We will advertise & promote your volunteer roles in the following ways:

We will review your advert and offer support to make it as clear, attractive and appropriate for


All new roles are quality checked by staff at the Volunteer Centre before they are made available

to the public.

If a volunteer role appears not to be in line with good practice we will contact you to see how it

might be re-shaped so that it does comply with good practice and we can then publicise it.

It isn’t possible to guarantee that you’ll get a response to your advert. Volunteers will choose the

roles that are most appealing to them.

We also offer:


What happens next?

For more information contact:

Gary Pedley

Keighley & District Volunteer Centre, 8-10 North Street Keighley BD21 3SE

Tel: 01535 609506 email : gary@keighleyvc.co.uk website: www.keighleyvc.co.uk.org.uk

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